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These hot Spanish girls keep a female slave around in their apartment - and use her as a toilet and spittoon! They shove a funnel into the slave girl's mouth and then take turns spitting into the funnel. Afterwards one of the girls pulls down her pants and takes a piss into their human urinal. Of course the slave girl has to swallow all of the spit and piss!

Louve is over-powered by her dominant girlfriend Ellen. Ellen forces Louve to lie down on the bed and then sits on her face! She rides Louve's face and enjoys feeling her face under her jeans ass and pussy. Louve tries to get away - or at least catch some air - but Ellen's getting so much into it she almost forgets about her girlfriend getting smothered under her ass. In the end Ellen has a great orgasm and then finally lets to of her submissive girlfriend.

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