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Hot lesbians dominating girls

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The two girlfriends are very different. Rouse is shy, romantic and very sweet. Olga is a brutal and dominant girl who likes it to humiliate Rouse. She pushes Rouse to the floor and sits on her face. She presses her jeans ass and her fully weight in Rouse's face. Rouse is defenseless, because Olga is much stronger than her and Olga always gets what she wants.

The two girls Teodora and Sibilla has invited her friend Julie and wants to show her their new roommate Kacie. They ask Julie to take part in their facesitting session. Kacie is lying on the floor in the bathroom. The three girls are just wearing their lingerie. They sit down onto Kacie's face alternately. They press their fully weigh in her face and she just smells their hot, sexy asses and nothing else.

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