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All articles in archive 12/2012

Mistress Eileen and Sibilla are incredible hot in their tight black leather suits. One of them being a hot blond chick and the other one a sexy brunet, both with perfect bodies and tasty asses. However, the girls are as cruel as hot and start their lezdom on their slave girl Kacie. The mistresses use their sexy asses to sit, one on Kacie’s stomach and the other one on her chest, crushing her slim body with their weight.

…Nikky grabs Liona by her long brown hair, pulls her down and presses her face against her jeans pussy. Then, she pulls her to the floor placing her head on the driver’s seat of the car - face up. Now Nikky sits down with her tasty jeans ass on Lionas face, smothering her. Next, she turns around, holds on to the roof of the car and presses her sexy jeans crotches in Lionas face…

Mistress Hanna came up with a very cruel idea this time. She has screwed her slave girl Samantha’s hands and head in a pillory. Samantha it totally nude, defenseless and vulnerable, as she stands there in the pillory waiting for the domination and pain to begin. Now, her bare ass is just perfectly positioned for Hanna to slap and whip it! Soon Hanna starts the Lezdom spanking and obviously enjoys torturing her helpless victim.

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