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Candy Alexa is standing in the kitchen and wants to wash the dishes. But her girlfriend Kira wants to play with hr. She enters the kitchen and pushes Candy to the floor. She presses Candy against her jeans pussy and rubs her pussy through her face. She pulls up Candy's shirt, rubs her tits and orders her to lick her jeans pussy. Candy can not defend herself and Kira gets an awesome orgasm!

Alex, Modesty and Gia have a new roommate, the shy, sweet maggy. She is the perfect victim for her humiliation sessions. They push her onto the bed and sit down on her together. One is sitting on her legs, one on her stomach and the other one on her face. They press their fully weight on her until Maggie can not breathe anymore and starts to choke. The three girls have fun and enjoy it to humiliate her new roommate.

Sexy Gia is the youngest Mistress we’ve got. Just a couple of days after her 18th birthday she came to us. Now, older pervert lesbian Calina orders her to her room. She gives the reason that she wants to invite Gia to get to know her and have a chat and coffee with her, but Gia isn’t a fool! Soon, she notices that the older Lady lusts after her sexy young latex butt …

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