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Alex and Modesty are to hot girls, who live it to have fun with shy, pretty girls. They invite a friend to humiliate her. Kacie has to lie down on the sofa. She is just wearing lingerie. The two girls sit down on her together, on on her legs and the other one on her face. They press their fully weight on her and Kacie screams in pain. They also pull her hair!! Kacie suffers!!

Candy Alexa is standing in the kitchen and wants to wash the dishes. But her girlfriend Kira wants to play with hr. She enters the kitchen and pushes Candy to the floor. She presses Candy against her jeans pussy and rubs her pussy through her face. She pulls up Candy's shirt, rubs her tits and orders her to lick her jeans pussy. Candy can not defend herself and Kira gets an awesome orgasm!

Alex, Modesty and Gia have a new roommate, the shy, sweet maggy. She is the perfect victim for her humiliation sessions. They push her onto the bed and sit down on her together. One is sitting on her legs, one on her stomach and the other one on her face. They press their fully weight on her until Maggie can not breathe anymore and starts to choke. The three girls have fun and enjoy it to humiliate her new roommate.

The two sexy racer girls Teodora and Sibilla, are dressed of cause in hot, tight, pink racer suits, with short panties, so you can see their nice and long legs. On the other hand there is a skinny slave girl, named Calina, lying on pillows on the floor. The racer girls will brutally trample her today. They’ll stand on the slave girl’s heads, full weight and smothering her with their bare feet on her throat!

Mistress Eileen and Sibilla are incredible hot in their tight black leather suits. One of them being a hot blond chick and the other one a sexy brunet, both with perfect bodies and tasty asses. However, the girls are as cruel as hot and start their lezdom on their slave girl Kacie. The mistresses use their sexy asses to sit, one on Kacie’s stomach and the other one on her chest, crushing her slim body with their weight.

Mistress Hanna came up with a very cruel idea this time. She has screwed her slave girl Samantha’s hands and head in a pillory. Samantha it totally nude, defenseless and vulnerable, as she stands there in the pillory waiting for the domination and pain to begin. Now, her bare ass is just perfectly positioned for Hanna to slap and whip it! Soon Hanna starts the Lezdom spanking and obviously enjoys torturing her helpless victim.

Modesty (the new girl) is very angry and exacts revenge on Bambina for taking her boyfriend last night. Wrathful she swoops down on Bambina to give her a painful punishment. Modesty brought her friend Alex to help her torturing their naughty slave girl. The mistresses are very hot, cruel and arrogant as they distress Bambina by sitting on her face and body, kneeing on her stomach and many more.

Modesty, Teodora and Kacie are on their ski holidays. Modesty and Teodora come up with the idea to humiliate Kacie outside in the snow. Kacie has to lie down on the ground. One of the girls is sitting on Kacie's face, the other one is sitting on her pussy. Kacie freezes and screams in pain. Teodora and Modesty get more and more fund and the really enjoy their freaky facesitting session with their cute shy slave girl.

Meklady is sitting at the kitchen table and eats her breakfast. Her slave girl is tied and has a tape around the mouth. So she can not speak and move. She kneels down in front of the kitchen table. Meklady puts her feet in the slave girl's face and she has to smell the stinky, sweaty feet and can not smell anything else. While Meklady humiliates her slave girl she continues eating her breakfast.

Mara is sitting on her sofa and is checking her mails. When her slave girl enters the room she orders her to kneel down on the floor in front of the sofa. The girl has to lick the soles of Mara's very hot High Heel boots. When Mara thinks her shoes are completely clean, she takes them off and orders her slave to smell her sweaty Nylon feet. The girl licks and kisses them.

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