Hot Lezdom

Hot lesbians dominating girls

The two lesbian spidergirls, Alexa and Eileen, have great fun smothering and hurting their female slave Kacie. Dresses with a red top and tattered pairs of leggings the girls torture her by sitting together on her face and body in various positions.

I decided to dominate my girl tonight, she and I are naked. I sit comfortably on the leather couch while she has to lie on the cold, hard floor. Let’s see what I can do with her. Definitely I’ll put my bare feet in her sweet face and let her smother under my smelly feet. Oh yeah I like that pained expression on her face and when she wheezes because she’s getting no air anymore.

Three sexy mistresses, namely Hellen, Alice and Alex use little, blond Maggie as their personal foot bitch. The three girl wear transparent nylon pantyhose and stuff their nylon- clad feet into Maggie’s mouth. They also rub their feet in their slave girl’s face and under her nose to make her sniff the smelly nylon feet. Maggie has to worship the 6 feet, kiss, lick and suck them all.

Mary comes into the bedroom of hers and her girlfriend, Louve. Louve is already in bed and firstly was quiet happy to see her girlfriend. But then everything turns out to be different as she thought as Mary throws herself on her and facesits her with her jeans butt. Louve tries to fight back, but has no chance. Mary just rides her face with her jeans pussy and cums.

Candy and Teodora are dressed in tight black latex suits and stand on the bar, as they notice that little pervert Kacie is keep on staring at their sexy high heels. The girls decide to teach her hands a lesson she’ll never forget. Both girls step with their sexy high heels, full weight, on Kacie’s hands. Kacie screams in pain, as they drill their spice heels deep into her palms and start crushing all of her little fingers. The girls even pull her head on the bar and step in it just to humiliate her.

Poor little Bambina is mistreated by beautiful Modesty and sexy Gia. Both Mistresses together facesit and smother Bambina with their full weight. The hot girls try out several sexy positions to transfer as much weight to Bambina’s head as possible and to smother her as hard as they can. Poor Bambina! She’s keep on stuck underneath Gia’s or Modesty’s panties and shorts ass, struggling for air all the time.

It’s a wrestling battle between young, blond, vigorous Mia and BBW Sam. It starts with some wrestling, then Mia soon prevails and pins Sam down to the wrestling mat. Then Mia facesits Sam and gets rid of her top and thong. She takes a little vibrator and masturbates in Sam’s face. While Sam is still smothering under Mia’s sexy ass, she forces her to massage her nude tits. Mia totally enjoys the ride on Sam’s face… Don't you think she’ll get off soon?

Julie wants Mariah to lie down with her head on a chair, facing the ceiling. While Mariah is lying there staring at the ceiling, suddenly there appears Julie’s big, sexy butt to sit in her face. Julie uses her big ass to smother Mariah’s little face hard. She spreads her legs so fare that her high heels take of the ground, thus her crotches are pressed into the little slave girl’s face full weight.

Hot lesbian Saskia dominates her submissive slave girl with her bare feet. Both girls are very hot - and eventually naked. Sexy Saskia starts by sitting on top of her nude female victim’s belly. Now she covers her slave girl’s face with her amazing bare beet. She‘ll smother her, force her to lick the bare feet and stuff them into her mouth. A Foot Lezdom, if ever there was one.

Julie is dresses in innocent white, which doesn’t match her at all. She is a very naughty girl as she uses her sexy ass to smother submissive Nina. Julie is wearing white tights as she facesits Nina with her full weight backwards, forwards and sideways, not allowing her to breathe that much.

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