Hot Lezdom

Hot lesbians dominating girls

Mistress Nadine orders her slave girl to clean the floor in the living room - and to make it more fun she crushes some grapes under her high heel shoes. The slave girl has to lick the crushed grapes from the dirty floor and Nadine's sexy shoes - but she's too slow and needs to be punished even more. Mistress Nadine grabs a riding crop, pulls up the slave girl's skirt and starts to spank her ass!

Kathi and Demi both worked out a lot recently and want to test each other's strength by trampling each other's chest and stomach! First the beautiful brunette Demi steps on Kathi's body and dances on her. She teases her friend by asking how heavy she is, how long she'll be able to take it and if it feels good to be trampled. But then it's Kathi's turn and she loves to give a good trampling to Demi too!

Lina forces her slave girl Zoe to worship her feet on this hot summer day. Lina's feet are really sweaty and Zoe's totally disgusted by them - but she has no choice! She licks Lina's stinky feet and even gets trampled by Lina. In the end Lina shrinks Zoe to an inch tall, puts her tiny body into her flip flops and crushes her under her feet!

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