Hot Lezdom

Hot lesbians dominating girls

Modesty, Teodora and Kacie are on their ski holidays. Modesty and Teodora come up with the idea to humiliate Kacie outside in the snow. Kacie has to lie down on the ground. One of the girls is sitting on Kacie's face, the other one is sitting on her pussy. Kacie freezes and screams in pain. Teodora and Modesty get more and more fund and the really enjoy their freaky facesitting session with their cute shy slave girl.

Meklady is sitting at the kitchen table and eats her breakfast. Her slave girl is tied and has a tape around the mouth. So she can not speak and move. She kneels down in front of the kitchen table. Meklady puts her feet in the slave girl's face and she has to smell the stinky, sweaty feet and can not smell anything else. While Meklady humiliates her slave girl she continues eating her breakfast.

Mara is sitting on her sofa and is checking her mails. When her slave girl enters the room she orders her to kneel down on the floor in front of the sofa. The girl has to lick the soles of Mara's very hot High Heel boots. When Mara thinks her shoes are completely clean, she takes them off and orders her slave to smell her sweaty Nylon feet. The girl licks and kisses them.

The two girlfriends are very different. Rouse is shy, romantic and very sweet. Olga is a brutal and dominant girl who likes it to humiliate Rouse. She pushes Rouse to the floor and sits on her face. She presses her jeans ass and her fully weight in Rouse's face. Rouse is defenseless, because Olga is much stronger than her and Olga always gets what she wants.

The two girls Teodora and Sibilla has invited her friend Julie and wants to show her their new roommate Kacie. They ask Julie to take part in their facesitting session. Kacie is lying on the floor in the bathroom. The three girls are just wearing their lingerie. They sit down onto Kacie's face alternately. They press their fully weigh in her face and she just smells their hot, sexy asses and nothing else.

Stella is lying on the sofa and watches TV, but Dizzy wants to play a game with her. Stella does not want to play, but Dyzzy does not accept a "no". So she sits down on Sella with her jeans ass and pushes her fully weight on her. She presses her ass and her pussy in Stella's face and on her mouth again and again. Stella has no chance, because Dizzy has more power than her.

Dominica wants to play a game with her girlfriend Nikky. But Nikky does not know what will happen. Dominica pushes Nikky onto the bed and sits down on her face. Nikky starts to fight with her and tries to escape, but Dominica is much stronger than her. She presses her pussy in Nikky's face and orders her to lick it. Nikky does it, because she can not escape.

Lady Chanel's having another session with her slave girl. She first uses the girl's back as her foot stool - then orders her to lick Chanel's high heel shoes! Chanel's reading her book and lights up a cigarette - but there's no ashtray nearby - so she decides to just use the girl's mouth as an ashtray too!

Lady Alysha loves to play with her female slave Sidney. Today she starts by grabbing Sidney's throat and spitting into the girl's mouth! But Alysha's spit isn't the only thing she's going to swallow. Alysha forces her to go down on her knees and then pees right into Sidney's mouth. In the end she calls for a male slave as well and busts his balls in front of the slave girl!

The girls just got out of the Sauna and wanted to go into the jacuzzi - but then they want to play with their female slave first! They take turns sitting on the girl's face - and smother the poor girl under their sweaty asses. They humiliate their facesitting victim even more by ordering her to sniff their sweaty asses!

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