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Madame Marissa and her lesbian lover were not in talking terms. She felt aggrieved by her and since she was not apologizing, she humiliated him cruelly. She did it by facesitting on her and dominating her. She wanted to choke her and that is what she ended up doing. As she facesat on her, she heard her struggling to beg her to forgive her. All this time, she was reading a magazine while on top of her.

Mistress Gaia wanted to try lezdom fetish. So she got this got girl and she forced her to lick her dirty feet. She licked them as she was afraid of mistress Gaia and what she would do to her if she refused to lick her feet. She then inserted the licked feet in the girl's pussy and she fucked her using her big toe. In a weird way, they both had fun.

Mistress Gaia wanted to surprise her lover. She knew her lover liked being roughed up. She loved hardcore sex and enjoyed BDSM. So she stripped her naked and she tied her up and gagged her. She then whipped her pussy lightly, pulled her nipples, facesat on her and she also used a vibrator on her pussy. Her lover had never been as turned on as she was that day. She came multiple times.

Mistress Candy and mistress Aurora love hardcore fun. They are naughty mistresses and they love having all kinds of adventure and fun. They are also very competitive and they have to play a game and whoever loses is the one who gets on the receiving end for the first try. Mistress Aurora lost and she had to endure facesitting. She tried to lick her lover's ass and pussy through her clothes as she was facesat on before they switched.

Mistress Merlina and her girlfriend Suzy love to rough each other. They love hardcore lovemaking and that is what they did today. They were both wearing their jeans so they had some rough foreplay by rubbing their jeans on each other's faces and facesitting on each other. The mistresses did not need to undress as the foreplay was so good and they were so horny that they came without removing their clothes.

Mistress Teodora and mistress Alexandra did not like how their cleaning lady cleaned the house that day. It was not as clean as it used to be and they wanted it cleaned again. The mistresses crushed her hands using their bare feet and they got her to clean the house again as they watched. She was in pain from the hand crushing but she had to do the work and finish it.

Mistress Gaia and her naughty lesbian lover like to role play. Today mistress Gaia turned her into her servant. She made her lick her ass, her feet as well as her pussy while she was taking a shower. It felt great for both of them as her lover liked to be dominated. They were both turned on and they had the greatest time they have ever had in a shower.

Mistress Gaia's lover wanted a little pain during foreplay. She decided to use her lover's nipples. She pulled them hard and she also bit them. It was a mixture of both pain and pleasure for her as her nipples were pulled and bit. Mistress Gaia also made her lover lick her socks and her feet before she stopped dominating her and they had some mind blowing sex. Then they switched and it was her turn to feel some pain.

Mistress Gaia wanted to try some naughty things. She went online and met this girl who also wanted to try some of the crazy things that were on her head. One of them was lezdom. When the girl came, she was as hot as she had seen online and was even naughtier. The mistresses licked each other, dominated each other and had one of the most hardcore fun they have ever had.

Mistress Gina had not had a good orgasm in ages and she had to make sure she had one. She called her neighbor's girlfriend who she knew was adventurous. She wanted to see whether they could have some girl time together. She came and after she tested her, she found her receptive. She did not waste time roughing her up and dominating her with facesits among others. They were both turned on and had an amazing time.

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